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What is a worfklow?

A Workflow is a series of automated actions designed to simplify your invoice scheduling needs.

A Workflow requires you to define your 

i) Criteria
ii) Frequency, and
iii) Pre-Schedule actions (optional)


This helps our system to look up which invoices you wish to schedule on a periodic basis and are designed to work with dynamic variables.


This helps our system note how often you wish to schedule your invoices. Currently, there is a choice of Daily, Weekly and Monthly frequencies.

Pre-Schedule actions

This is an optional action users can take to bring further efficiencies to their scheduling process. Very useful in the context of Xero repeating invoices. At the moment, the pre-schedule actions that can be done involve changing an invoice date on Invoices that don’t have a status equal to PAID.

NOTE: As workflows is still in a beta phase, there is a maximum limit of 3 workflows allowed per organisation per user.